What I've learned as a mentor #9 - Barry, Chris

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My time taking part in Kids Hope has been priceless.  It changes the heart of the mentor and the child.  It teaches me patience, while it shows the child that he is important.  It teaches me what matters, while it shows the child that he matters.  By  showing my child grace it makes me realize the grace I have been shown.  My heart has been thawed by hanging out, playing handball, building with Lego’s and reading with my Kids Hope kid. - Barry

The first time I heard Sarah speak regarding Kid’s Hope, I knew. In admitted disobedience, I sat. I sat the next time and the next. I finally stepped into the place I was to be used by God. 

Having been what would have been classified as an “at risk” child, I knew the heaviness a little one is capable of carrying. I know that for many, much of childhood can be stolen. There are fun times but often those times are undergirded with uncertainty and fear and chaos. Looking back, I remember certain people who were pointers to hope.

God uses this program to undergird heavy little hearts with prayer, hope and love. The opportunity to step into a hard place and point to hope is an honor and a blessing. God has mended me. Taking parts of me that were so weighted down as an elementary school child and redeemed that time. Seeing the big picture in this season of life helps to remind me of the immensity of the God we serve. -Chris