One Child. One Hour. One Church. One School.

Here are the ways that YOU can be involved in loving the city through Kids Hope: GET INVOLVED: ONE HOUR AT A TIME

1) MENTOR Invest one hour per week in the life of a child! You will be screened, trained, and paired with one “at-risk” child at Eagle Rock Elementary. Mentors meet faithfully for one hour weekly, at the school, during the school day. At the end of each session they complete a daily progress report summarizing the mentoring session.

Commitment Level: Weekly = 1 hour, plus 4 hours of training at the start of the school year  
Mentor must commit for one school year (9 months)

Mentors meet with students during one of these sessions:

Monday: 2:30 – 3:30 pm
Tuesday: 1:30 – 2:30 pm
Wednesday: 2:30 – 3:30 or 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Thursday: 2:30 – 3:30 pm

*Click the "mentor application forms" box above to see what the next steps are to serve in this role.

2) Prayer Partner: Make a commitment to pray for one mentor/child pairing. Prayer partners contact the Mentor on a regular basis for a progress report on the relationship, the child’s strengths and weakness, and any other prayer needs, including joys and concerns.

Commitment Level: weekly, at prayer partners discretion

*Click the "prayer partner application" box above to apply to serve in this role.

3) Substitute Mentor: “Super-Subs” provide a critical link in maintaining a relationship that is being formed with the child. They provide continued one on one mentoring and affirmation for a child presently involved in Kids Hope when his/her regular Mentor is unavailable. The Super Subs primary role is to affirm the child. Their presence when the regular Mentor is absent says to the child, “Yes, we are committed to you”. Super-Subs serve on an “on call” basis throughout the school year and help maintain consistency in student’s lives.

Commitment Level: as needed

*Click on the "mentor application forms" above fill out the paperwork to serve in this role (Super subs and mentors are screened and trained the same)

4) RN Nurse: We are in the early phase of developing this part of our ministry, so it will likely evolve as we move forward. But to give you an idea, we are looking for RN’s who could donate a few hours a week or a month to volunteer at the school (Eagle Rock elementary). There are 1000+ kids at the school and we only have a nurse one day a week. The other days of the week the secretaries end up doing a lot of putting on band aids, distributing asthma medications, dealing with minor bumps with ice packs, stopping nosebleeds, etc. If you would like to join us as we navigate this new way to serve, we would love to talk!

Commitment Level: A few hours a week or month  

*Click on the "Nurse/Community Health Volunteer" Box above to fill out the paperwork to serve in this role (A copy of your current RN licence is required)

5) Event Team Volunteer: Serve in areas of hospitality, prayer, and hosting special events (parties for the kids and their families at CA, assembling Christmas goody-bags, etc).

Commitment Level: 3 or 4 special events during the school year  

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If you have any questions about these roles, please feel free to contact the Program Director at 323.509.4821 or

We are so excited you are considering being a part of our “Kingdom Efforts” here in Eagle Rock. It is through the faithful service of our volunteers that we are able to reach out in our community and touch the precious lives of children at our public elementary school.

See one mentors story here: 

Danny and Richard's story, 2015