What I learned as a mentor #6 - Christopher, Lori

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“A couple of years ago, I was in a season where God was desiring to teach me about fatherhood. As a single guy, I was curious as to what lessons He wanted to teach me and how He was going to bring that about. What transpired was me getting involved in four different, intentional relationships with four guys of varying ages. The oldest guy was 59 while the youngest was my 2nd grade Kids Hope kid of eight years old. 

Though it would be silly to think that spending an hour a week is a strong comparison to the rigors of being a full-time dad, what I did gain in a practical way was the experience of giving sacrificial love. To choose to show up and give your heart, time, and attention to someone regardless of how you’re feeling, what else is going on in life, or how the person you’re loving is responding, receiving, or reciprocating that love is both a rewarding and a humbling experience.

Seeing - especially through the stories/testimonies of others shared via email and church services - the impact Kids Hope makes in the lives of not only the kids but those in contact with them, is powerful and sticks with you. In fact, I was just visiting with two teachers from out of state who were commiserating about their lack of help with emotionally & behaviorally challenged children at their elementary school and immediately knew that establishing Kids Hope there could help to alleviate their problem. One had heard about Kids Hope USA before and both were intrigued and glad for the information I provided. They are now looking into having the program at their own school!” -Christopher

I had listened week after week last school year about all the fun and sheer joy my husband had experienced while mentored a third grader last year.  I'd ask myself "Why am I not mentoring too?"  I had reached a place in my life where God was calling me to serve and I couldn't ignore His call.

So I arranged my schedule to have a day where I serve Him as a mentor to an adorable kindergartner who always, always meets me with laughter, silliness, sharing and learning. Whatever struggle or bad attitude I might have had before seeing her was wiped away after meeting with this sweet little girl.  Kids Hope is not just a blessing to these children, but to us mentors too! -Lori