Hope Kid

As mentors and kids filed into the Kids Hope classroom at Eagle Rock Elementary this week, high-fiving and catching up on the important details that had taken place in the last seven days since they'd seen each other, I saw a little guy sit down at his desk, lean into his mentor and say, "I love being a hope kid".

I'm so grateful that our church believed in creating a space like this in our neighborhood--believed in going out the doors of the church to our local public school to connect with families who would never come through the church doors on their own--believed in the power of relationships to infuse a life with hope.

This little boy and his family are now a regular part of our church community. Every Sunday he attends Kids Church while the rest of his family attend the 11:15 North service. It turns out, hope is contagious, and not just for the kids!

angelo  hope kid.jpg