Found His Way Back

This week a 7th grader (who was part of Kids Hope for three years and then homeschooled for 6th grade) found his way to our new Kids Hope classroom. Since we're in a new room we’ve never been in before, he had to work to figure out where we were meeting.

He entered the room with a sheepish shrug and was like “hey, I just came by to see if Ulises or Michael are still mentoring?” He’d gotten in trouble at school, and the people he sought out were his previous Kids Hope mentors. The fact that he found his way back to us, to this place where he had a sense of belonging, to say “Am I ok?" feels so significant. Even though he's in trouble, this is the place he thought to return to. He’s not a kid that loved Kids Hope or ever took things very seriously (he was more the type to be like ‘I’m not wearing my Kids Hope t-shirt”) but somehow he felt loved enough that he found his way back when it mattered. And I feel like that’s often what we need to do with God too--that we could believe we are loved enough to find our way back to Him (again and again).