A few of you have asked me where you can buy Kids Hope gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts etc). Here is a link to the online store: This merchandise does not have "Eagle Rock Elementary" on it, but the logo is appliquéd on items. It might be a good Christmas gift idea if you are one of those people like me who "has everything". :)

Seeing your child over the break:

If you want to get together with your child over the break, I highly encourage this. It really helps strengthen the relationship and is fun to get together outside of the school/homework scene. Three weeks is a long time to be apart. If it’s not possible, that’s ok, but just remind your child you’ll see them again in January!

Last week I sent you your child’s contact information (address and phone number). If you pick up the child from their home, liability issues are much easier (than getting them from school--consent is implied because you are picking up the child from the parent at their home).

It’s best to team up with another mentor/child for the first outings (to help build trust with the family). Think of someone who meets on your day of the week and see if there’s something you could do together (go for a hike, to a movie, play miniature golf, have a tea party etc).

If you are going over to your child’s house to visit for the first time, take someone with you—perhaps your prayer partner, spouse or a friend. We don’t know what each child’s living situation might be and until you know, it’s best to have a buddy go with you! :) And also, not all parents are up for a visit/playdate and that’s ok. Try not to take it too personally. Remember you are building a relationship, and relationships take time. Trust takes a while to develop between people!


Regarding gifts, if you are planning to give your child a Christmas/Birthday gift, please keep them simple! We do not want to do something ‘over the top’ that a parent can’t compete with (example: new X-box system, ipad etc)…but something personal and perhaps meaningful from your time together. I usually gave my student, Miranda, a book to read over the holidays that I could ask her questions about when she returned from break. And then I gave her something small—last year it was a necklace like mine (that she had admired), the year before it was some cat-shaped erasers and a book about cats. Other mentors have given the kids board games that they play together, card games, a stuffed animal…or something from one of their sessions together. If you have questions about a specific gift, just send me an email to run it by me! But there is no need for you to purchase an additional gift--the gift of our time and attention is the absolute best gift we can give!