What I've learned as a mentor #1 - Nancy, Ron

As we approach the end of our 10th full school year, I've asked mentors to share some of what God has taught them as they've served with us. This series of blog posts features 10 men and 10 women who have served in Kids Hope over the last decade. I want to share some of their responses, as I think they'll encourage you! Have a story to share? email Kidshope@cachurch.com


"I really began with the thought that I was going to help someone who needed my help. My surprise came when I realized that these young boys were actually teaching me, and growing my selfish nature into realizing that it is more fun to give, than not: I became someone that got way more than I gave. I guess I learned that there is more to give, learn, and be part of, to make it happen. Donations are critical, but money cannot replace being with someone, looking into their beautiful eyes and realizing first hand how important that they are to God and to me!" -Nancy

It's been said that the greatest hurts can form a heart for the greatest help and healing. My dad came home every night but didn't know the importance of spending time with us kids. He came from a similar family life.

As a child, I had a kid’s church volunteer that was kind and caring. He helped me to believe I was loved and accepted. So I want kids to know they are loved and accepted too. It is probably the most important ministry I have been privileged to be involved with.

With the opportunity to serve I’m finding a path to healing the great sadness of a lost relationship with my dad. I am learning about being there for the most needy and venerable among us.

There is joy in the laughter of a child. There is growth for a child who is not alone in the sad times they experience. There is relief from times of fear for a child when they face big challenges and know they don’t have to stand alone. The delight in a child’s face when they are learning something new is a priceless moment that is shared and can be treasured.

This world doesn’t seem to work very well but sometimes we get to see a merciful Creator moving to bring restoration and transformation. Being part of Kids Hope has shown me that these are healing and hopeful times. -Ron